The Story of Rip-City Basketball-Hoop dreams-Part 1

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

To fully understand the reason for the name Rip-City, let’s take a journey back to the Summer of 07.

A few years removed from High School, my twin and I developed a thirst for basketball after making the decision that we wanted to earn a scholarship. We meet Kevin Patton, originally from Cali in the early part of 07’. Kev, as we called him was a hell of a player before the injuries forced him to take a different approach to basketball. Sensing our desire to improve, he volunteered his time to teach us the game. 

Our workout schedule from 07’ until 08’ was hectic and grueling, but we understood how necessary it was for us to accomplish our goal. We stayed in the gym faithfully, working on our craft with the help of Kev. Having to learn so much in a short period of time made our workouts extremely intense. I still remember when  Peter and Kevin went into the locker room to throw blows at each other just to release some of the tension. We needed to be humbled, being gifted athletically gave us a false sense of reality. Kev made it a point of emphasis to show us through workouts that we had plenty of room to grow.

Summer of 08’ was the defining moment in our basketball journey. At this particular time, we have improved significantly. Kev advised us to make a phone call to the legendary Jay Pivec and his assistant Ron Gates, who was coaching at MCTC at the time. Minneapolis Community and Technical College was one of the better JUCO basketball programs in the nation, 20 win seasons was the norm. Upon connecting with Jay Pivec, we were invited to the once-famous MCTC(juco) open runs. Peter goes alone the first time, as I had work obligations. He did exactly what Kev knew he was going to do. He caught Piv’s attention.

They connected after the open run, Piv and Gates were all in for Peter, he was impressive. 

At this time, he informed coach Piv that he was a twin and I was interested in playing and would be present at the next one... I showed up to the next open run ready, being a twin and a competitor, it was necessary that my performance left everyone in the gym impressed as they were with him. I was unstoppable that day and the legend of the Olafeso twins was officially in motion. 

Stay tuned for part 2.

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